The yachts that we skipper have all the inspection certifications for their seaworthiness and compliance with the European and Greek national safety regulations. They are also well maintained and their safety equipment includes an EPIRB device and a Liferaft.


We use a variety of fully inspected and seaworthy yachts. 

The type / size depends on the cruise, course and the number of cruisers.


Customized requests such as private cruises, couple custome courses and luxury yacht sailing can be arranged.

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Scheduled cruises

Title From To Vacancies
ASA 103/10428/03/202203/04/2022No
ASA 103/10404/04/202210/04/2022No
Upon Demand 11/04/202217/04/2022No
ASA 103/10418/04/202224/04/2022No
ASA 105/10625/04/202201/05/2022No
ASA 103/10402/05/202208/05/2022No
ASA 104/10509/05/202215/05/2022No
ASA 103/10416/05/202222/05/2022No
ASA 101/10323/05/202229/05/2022No
ASA 103/10430/05/202205/06/2022No
ASA 105/10606/06/202212/06/2022No
ASA 101/10313/06/202219/06/2022No
ASA 103/10420/06/202226/06/2022No
ASA 103/10427/06/202203/07/2022No
ASA 105/10604/07/202210/07/2022No
ASA 103/10411/07/202217/07/2022No
ASA 103/10418/07/202224/07/2022No
ASA 104/11825/07/202231/07/2022No
ASA 103/10401/08/202207/08/2022No
ASA 101/10308/08/202214/08/2022No
ASA 103/10415/08/202221/08/2022No
ASA 104/105 22/08/202228/08/2022Yes
Upon demand 29/08/202204/09/2022Yes
ASA 104/10505/09/202211/09/2022No
ASA 103/10412/09/202218/09/2022No
ASA 105/106/11819/09/202225/09/2022Yes
ASA 105/10626/09/202202/10/2022No
ASA 101/10303/10/202209/10/2022No
ASA 103/10410/10/202216/10/2022No
IQC 201/203/204/20517/10/202222/08/2022Yes