Reaching Corfu

During the tourist season (April to October) you may easily find direct connections flights to Corfu (CFU) from London, Rome, Venice Milan, Italy and of course from Athens, Greece.

Corfu is also directly connected with other major European cities but usually, if you fly from the States, the less expensive flights are from London.

Despite the last moment offers, the golden rule is the sooner you book your flight the better the price.

An alternative option is to fly to Athens International Airport, rent a car, drive to “Igoumenitsa Port” and then take the ferry to Corfu. 
The road is a brand new motorway and the drive is about 5 hours. For more details please see the road map and directions at:

Ferries from Igoumenitsa Port to Corfu island run almost every hour. There are two different ferry companies; please check their timetables on line at:

  1. or 

This is a very good option, if you have a couple of days available before or after the cruise, because you can stop and visit ancient archeological sites, such us Olympia and Delphi. 


More info at:

Corfu Airport official site:           

Aegean Airlines:         

TUI Airways:

The Telegraph (article)

COVID-19 update:

a) Yacht charter businesses in Greece opened on May 15 with the official start of the tourst season, as announced by the Greek government. 

b) For travel information please refer to your local authorities and / or the relevant Embassy in Athens, Greece. If you are a US citizen and you intent to fly from the USA, please visit the website of the US Embassy in Athens at: . 

c) Fair Winds Sailing Greece takes all the required by the law precautions and complies with all the regulations / directions issued by the Greek Coastguard.