Fair Winds Sailing Greece is located in Corfu island which is considered one of the finest destinations in the Med.

The sea around Corfu is called “Ionian Sea” and separates the Greek and Italian mainlands.

The town of Corfu has been characterized by the vast majority of visitors as cosmopolitan, picturesque and fascinating. It’s old part is an Unesco world heritage site with many historic monuments within a stunning natural surroundings (

The Old Fortress of Corfu is a masterpiece of architectural art with a rich history heritage spanning from the Byzantine times to the Venetian Era and lately to the British Empire era and occupation of the Ionian Islands. Nowadays, the old castle has been characterized as an archeological area and houses the Historical Archive of island, the Public Library, services of the Ministry of Culture and sections of the Ionian Academy. It is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Greece; a jewel in the Ionian Sea. Many international and local artists arrange their concerts here during the summer months.  Also many directors decide to shoot plans for their movies. For instance, the Fortress was the location of a scene from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only 
in which the Mercedes of the evil adversary of Bond, Emile Locque, gets pushed off a cliff by Bond.

By all means, Corfu is on the very top vacation destinations; a “must visit” island. 

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