Combine sailing holidays and learn how to sail in the Ionian Sea, Greece, one of the most popular destinations worldwide for sailing.

No other place in the world can offer the sailing options that the Ionian Sea offers. The west Greek mainland and the Ionian Islands form an extensive coastline that provides countless protected bays and beaches of rare beauty, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. During the sailing period, the north-west prevailing winds (maisto) in the Ionian Sea are by far gentler than the north east prevailing winds (meltemi) in the Aegean Sea.

We plan our weekly cruises to combine recreation with training. We also plan to visit a different place every day, stopping for swimming in protected bays and beaches. Most evenings will be docked ashore, or day in anchor, around 7:00pm. Customized requests such as private cruises, couple custome courses and luxury yacht sailing can be arranged.

We offer ASA certifications up to 106 level. We also offer combined 101/103, 103/104, 104/105 and 105/106 as well as 118 (Docking Endorsement) courses.

ASA certified cruisers will have the opportunity to review the material taught on ASA courses and practice their skills under the guidance and advice of a certified ASA instructor. The Greek seas, with its the extensive coastline and large number of islands, is an excellent terrain for coastal navigation training.


Within our training weekly cruise package are included**:

• The charter of the yacht and its insurance.
• A full time captain / ASA instructor.
• All Fuel and fresh water costs.
• Harbor fees, marina fees, local taxes.
• Professional cleaning of the yacht, prior and at the end of the cruise.
• All linens such as towels, blankets.
• Provisioning for full breakfast and lunch onboard plus snacks, bottled water, soft drinks and juices during the day as well as ice as needed.



**The aforementioned refer to a weekly cruise. Customized requests such as private cruises, couple custome courses and luxury yacht sailing can be arranged.


• Alcoholic beverages.
• Evening meals on shore.
• Personal insurance (it is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance prior to your arrival).

Combine vacation and learn how to sail in Greece

Scheduled cruises

Title From To Vacancies
ASA 103/10428/03/202203/04/2022No
ASA 103/10404/04/202210/04/2022No
Upon Demand 11/04/202217/04/2022No
ASA 103/10418/04/202224/04/2022No
ASA 105/10625/04/202201/05/2022No
ASA 103/10402/05/202208/05/2022No
ASA 104/10509/05/202215/05/2022No
ASA 103/10416/05/202222/05/2022No
ASA 101/10323/05/202229/05/2022No
ASA 103/10430/05/202205/06/2022No
ASA 105/10606/06/202212/06/2022No
ASA 101/10313/06/202219/06/2022No
ASA 103/10420/06/202226/06/2022No
ASA 103/10427/06/202203/07/2022No
ASA 105/10604/07/202210/07/2022No
ASA 103/10411/07/202217/07/2022No
ASA 103/10418/07/202224/07/2022No
ASA 104/11825/07/202231/07/2022No
ASA 103/10401/08/202207/08/2022No
ASA 101/10308/08/202214/08/2022No
ASA 103/10415/08/202221/08/2022No
ASA 104/105 22/08/202228/08/2022Yes
Upon demand 29/08/202204/09/2022Yes
ASA 104/10505/09/202211/09/2022No
ASA 103/10412/09/202218/09/2022No
ASA 105/106/11819/09/202225/09/2022Yes
ASA 105/10626/09/202202/10/2022No
ASA 101/10303/10/202209/10/2022No
ASA 103/10410/10/202216/10/2022No
IQC 201/203/204/20517/10/202222/08/2022Yes